What is Sexual Strength?

The physiological events that determine a man’s sexual strength are closely associated with the combined quality of two key sexual health markers: Arousal Quality (erections) and Prostate Health (climax). Sexual Strength is at peak when both markers are healthy and functioning properly.

Arousal quality depends upon the amount of oxygenated blood that flows in the pelvic floor. The chief mediator that causes blood vessels to dilate and accommodate oxygenated blood is nitric oxide (NO), a molecule produced by the body. The power of a man’s climax depends upon his prostate health. The prostate is a donut-shaped gland below the bladder that supports urine flow and sexual function. A healthy prostate is essential to a satisfying, complete climax.

From puberty to approximately thirty years of age (The Sexual Prime), a man’s body produces high levels of nitric oxide that results in adequate dilation of the blood vessels. His prostate is also generally healthy.

As a man ages, lifestyle, vascular, or metabolic issues can reduce nitric oxide production, decrease blood flow, and erode prostate health - all negatively affecting his sexual strength. Many men report diminished arousal quality and an unsatisfying climax that feels weaker or incomplete. The only way to combat a decline in sexual strength is to take steps to encourage the flow of blood in the pelvic floor and keep the prostate healthy and functioning.


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Once-daily Provarin helps maximize sexual strength at any age by delivering the dual benefits of Peak Arousal Quality (PAQ) and the natural pleasure of a strong, satisfying climax.