The Science Behind Provarin.

Rich, oxygenated blood flow is what gives a young man positive energy, drive, mental sharpness, and his relentless libido. For a man in his 20's, flexible arteries expand easily and blood flows strong, carrying all the vital nutrients and oxygen needed to fuel red blood cells.

Nitric oxide (NO) is a molecule produced by the lining of blood vessels. Activation of nitric oxide relaxes and dilates the vessel wall, increases blood flow, and blood cell oxygenation. Nitric oxide is so important to the body that its been called the greatest discovery in cardiovascular medicine and the scientists who discovered its role won a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

As a man ages, lifestyle, vascular, or metabolic issues can reduce both nitric oxide production and quality blood flow. By age 40, most men produce up to 50% less nitric oxide than they did in their prime. Poor blood flow has a decisively negative impact on the body's aging process and overall quality of life which can include diminished energy, endurance, drive, mood, memory, and sexual performance.


Provarin is a drug-free premium bioceutical that works naturally with a man's biochemistry to promote dynamic energy, positive moods, and sexual strength. Cultivated from 14 of the finest clinically-tested, plant-sourced extracts, Provarin's registered fusion includes some of the finest individual ingredients like Cordyceps, Graminex63®, and L-citrulline to support energy, moods, and performance. The meticulously crafted formula also includes a proprietary nitric oxide blend to help activate nitric oxide and stimulate vasodilation, resulting in rich, oxygenated blood flow throughout the body, brain, and pelvic floor.

PHYSICAL ENERGY AND ENDURANCE: Strong blood flow delivers oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to cells to power the mitochondria. Scientific studies have shown that nitric oxide is associated with better exercise performance, greater tolerance to physical activity, improved tolerance of high-intensity exercise, quicker recovery from exercise, and faster muscle growth.

A SHARP MIND AND ELEVATED MOOD: Irritability and brain fog result from a lack of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Nutrient-packed blood keeps the brain fueled with specific vitamins, antioxidants, and hormones that enhance protection of neurons, glia and astrocytes. Provarin supports healthy blood flow to nourish the brain with what it needs for mental clarity, focus, stronger recall and a positive outlook that enhances mood.

SEXUAL STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE: A man's sexual strength is based on the combined power of arousal quality (erections) and prostate health (climax). Provarin helps build both markers of sexual strength and increase overall performance. To support arousal quality, Provarin's bioceutical blend naturally stimulates nitric oxide to promote oxygenated blood flow through the pelvic floor. At the same time, Provarin nourishes the prostate with the highest-grade nutrients and plant sterols available. Once-daily Provarin helps maximize sexual strength at any age by delivering the dual benefits of Peak Arousal Quality (PAQ) and the natural pleasure of a strong, satisfying climax.